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Welcome to our Le Protezioni


This line is dedicated to all lovers of the sport with firearms, whether they be former ordinances, skeet shooting, muzzle-loading or dynamic shooting and also dedicated to the man, be he hunter, sport shooter or anything else aware that there is nothing more precious than his own safety. The passions are a lifeline for many, are the energy that keeps us alive and attached to the world, they are an escape from everyday life, everything. For this reason, you should not overlook the personal safety from which very often depends on the quality of our lives. Protect yourself and protect our loved ones, friends, is never a mistake; a hunt, a tournament, a workout, error, oversight or accident are still there and not always forgive. Protect yourself is critical to protect your hearing, sight, the person in general must become natural actions such as breathing or drinking and not the result of special attention. When this happens, when we wear before firing a pair of glasses or a headset like this, without even thinking about it, well, then we will have learned to respect our live.

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